Referrals to Local Companies

As an active member of the local business community, I have relationships with many other local companies. These companies often give preferred rates for my customers, and may give a small gift to Every Window by CJ & Co. for bringing them new business, although there is no obligation to do so.  Please be advised that no research has been done to compare these companies against competitors, and feel free to use your own due diligence in purchasing from them or anyone else.  If you encounter any problems while dealing with a company that I referred or listed on CJ’s Rolodex, please advise me so that I can investigate whether or not to continue to refer to them. If you have a great experience, I’d love to hear about that too!

Privacy & Confidentiality

While I would love it if you tell people about me, I won’t tell people about you. Your confidentiality is fully respected.  Your name, email and other details will never be sold or given to another business*, and you will always have the option to receive less, or no, communication from me if desired. (*Exception: Pella Windows & Doors and window covering companies will be given your details if I am placing an order for you from them.)


Please Note: Periodically the above details will be reviewed and may be updated. Clients are advised to check periodically to confirm current details.