Pricing & Policies

Professional Home Organizing Hourly Rates


Day/Time Rate Level Fee/Hour
Professional Organizer
Min Hours
Monday to Friday 10AM to 6PM Standard Rate $70 $35 3.5
Monday to Thursday 6PM to 9PM Convenience Pricing Rate $80 $40 3.5
Saturday 10AM to 4PM Convenience Pricing Rate $80 $40 3.5
Sunday Generally not available; very occasional exceptions. Billed as Premium Time.


Multi-Hour Discount

The more Organizing hours you use in a month, the lower the hourly rate, up to 15% off.

If you use:

  • under 14 hours, standard rate applies;
  • over 14 hours, 10% discount on all hours;
  • over 35 hours, 15% discount on all hours.

Pay-It-Forward Discount

If price is the main obstacle to hiring At Home with CJ & Co. right now, then let’s talk about a pay-it-forward arrangement.

On occasion I can discount rates further in exchange for you helping someone else with your skills or other resources in the future.

Keep the good energy flowing!


Goods and services are subject to HST.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be purchased for any amount.

Some suggestions:

  • Gift of 3.5 Hours of Home Party Help on a Friday or Saturday Night – ($355 includes HST) A perfect gift for someone with a special celebration coming up.
  • Gift of Week-Day Organizing – (3.5 hours is $277 including HST; 7 hours is $443 including HST) A thoughtful choice for someone who is getting set up in a new home or has one particular project to tackle.
  • Gift of 5 Half-Days of Pro-Organizing (within one month) – ($1,245 includes HST) A caring gift for someone who could use a “staycation with CJ” to make their home their ‘happy place’
  • Gift of 5 Full Days or 10 Half Days of Pro-Organizing (within one month) – ($2,353 includes HST) A statement of support for someone who needs more help to get back on track.

Please contact me and put “Gift Certificate” in the subject line.


“Details, details, details….”

Payment Options

Payment can be made by cash, cheque or eTransfer (eTransfer is preferred).

Payment Terms

Payment for invoices is due on receipt.  For window coverings, 50% is payable at time of order and 50% at time of installation.

GreenHelp Program

I have authorization to extend special pricing, in certain circumstances. With the GreenHelp program I can extend special pricing based on need, in order to help as many people and organizations as possible to have access to a selected range of window coverings that reduce energy use.

Eligibility for non-profit organizations is based on proof of not-for-profit or charitable status, or that application for such status has been made.

Eligibility for homes is based on annual income. The median Canadian household income is $75,000, pre-tax. If your household income is below $75,000, you will qualify.

Eligibility for small businesses is based on being able to say yes to any one of the following:

  • < 5 years in business;
  • < 5 full time employees;
  • < $500K in annual revenues.

Travel Time Policy

For window coverings sales calls in Oakville, Burlington and Hamilton, there is no charge for travel time. Charges for travel outside of this area is determined by discussion.

For Professional Home Organizing, there is no charge for travel to and from appointments that are 3.5+ hours, within the boundaries of Winston Churchill Boulevard to Walkers Line, and Burnhamthorpe Road to Lake Ontario.

The following will be charged for time plus $0.54/km:

  • Extra trips with less than a 3.5 hour appointment (starting at Trafalgar & Upper Middle)
  • Travel outside of this area (starting at the boundary)
  • Disposal of items to the nearest available appropriate drop off point, or to a particular place of the client’s choosing (starting at client’s home or at Trafalgar & Upper Middle, depending on drop off hours). (Please note, disposal is usually the responsibility of the client or a third party organization, but small items can occasionally be done be At Home with CJ & Co.)

Discussion Time

For Organizing clients, phone and email conversations are also tracked as time. A minimum of 2 minutes per text / call / email applies.

Emails and phone calls will typically be returned within 24 hours Monday to Thursday, 10-6 and Friday 10 to noon.

Cancellation and Re-Scheduling Policy

For Organizing clients, if rescheduling cannot be arranged and less than 36 hours notice is given, the appointment will usually be invoiced. Please send rescheduling requests by email, with the subject line “Rescheduling Request”, as early as possible. Thank you!


Subcontractors, such as other Professional Organizers and Helpers, and occasionally other kinds of companies, are independent individuals and businesses working with At Home with CJ & Co. as subcontractors. Their time is invoiced through At Home with CJ & Co, and they are covered by At Home with CJ & Co’s insurance unless they have their own insurance. They are paid and supervised by At Home with CJ & Co. for the duration of the project. As a client, you will give your instructions and payments directly to me. Subcontractors have agreed not to work directly with a client outside of the project with At Home with CJ & Co. within 2 months of the project ending, unless agreement has been obtained to waive this arrangement.

Inventory Policies

I will sometimes have organizing inventory (such as baskets, bins, shelves and other home organizing solutions and party supplies) on hand for you to try out, which are resold at retail price plus 15% (convenience pricing). If you decide the item is not right for you, please return it (undamaged) within 7 days or at next visit, by agreement. Inventory is invoiced with hourly fees, at the end of the month.

Client-Specific Shopping & Handling Vendors and Suppliers

If you want me to do online or in-store shopping specifically for your home, time is billed by the hour at the standard rate, including travel time to and from locations and preparing invoices. I will provide copies of individual receipts for your records.

On an ongoing basis, or for a certain project, I can handle shopping, ordering and invoice-paying, and present summary invoices for payment. I will charge the administration time at the standard rate. This is an administrative service only. At Home with CJ & Co. is not responsible for the performance of other vendors, suppliers or products selected by the client. All warranties and ongoing relationships are between the vendor and the client. However, by agreement, At Home with CJ & Co. can also handle resolving any problems with vendors and suppliers, also at the standard rate.

Referrals to Local Companies

As an active member of the local business community, I have relationships with many other local companies. These companies often give preferred rates for my customers, and may give a small gift to At Home with CJ & Co. for bringing them new business, although there is no obligation to do so.  Please be advised that no research has been done to compare these companies against competitors, and feel free to use your own due diligence in purchasing from them or anyone else. I can prepare summaries comparing various companies in terms of prices and public reviews, as needed, as an administrative service. If you encounter any problems while dealing with a company that I referred or listed on CJ’s Rolodex, please advise me so that I can investigate whether or not to continue to refer to them. If you have a great experience, I’d love to hear about that too!

Referrals to Other Organizers

As an active member of the Professional Organizing community, I have relationships with many other Organizers. Professional Organizers have their own businesses and set their own rates. We often pay each other a small referral fee for passing each other new clients, to acknowledge the other’s time and marketing efforts. Please be advised that no research has been done to vet other Professional Organizers beyond ensuring that they are trained by Professional Organizers in Canada and serve the Halton/Peel area.  Feel free to use your own due diligence in selecting other Organizers to work with. I can prepare summaries comparing various Professional Organizers in terms of prices and public reviews, as needed, as an administrative service. If you encounter any problems while dealing with an Organizer that I referred, please advise me so that I can investigate whether or not to continue to refer to them, and under what changed agreements. If you have a great experience, I’d love to hear about that too!

Donation Referrals

As a convenience, I may suggest places to donate unwanted items. Please note that no research has been done to verify the uses of donations or any funds raised by their sales. Please free to use your own due diligence in selecting to whom you want to donate.

Privacy & Confidentiality

While I would love it if you tell people about me, I won’t tell people about you. Your confidentiality is fully respected, and your permission will obtained before sharing any photos or information. Your name, email and other details will never be sold or given to another business*, and you will always have the option to receive less, or no, communication from me if desired. (*Exception: Maxxmar and other window covering companies will be given your details if I am placing an order for you from them.)


Please Note: Periodically the above details will be reviewed and may be updated. Clients are advised to check periodically to confirm current details.