“If your home environment is good and peaceful and easy, your life is better and easier.”
— Lori Greiner

Few things change your life – and your well-being – as much as ‘getting your house in order’ and living someplace you love.

I am trained by Professional Organizers in Canada to create spaces that are well organized and easy to function in, and I work cooperatively with other Professional Organizers to get you the help you need, when you need it.

I offer two levels of service to help you get more organized, no matter where you’re at now:

  • OptimizeMe: for those who just need tweaks for better use of space
  • OrganizeMe: for those who need decluttering and organizing

 As Professional Organizer and author Lynda Peterson says, “with organization comes empowerment.

Step into your power and enjoy the many benefits!


Save Time

find things easily, do things easily

Save Money

find what you already have so you don’t buy more

Save More Money

cook at home again, and avoid over-use of costly take out and restaurants

Make Money

sell things you don’t need anymore


free up space for a home office, workshop, or rental unit

Make Space for Joy

free up space to do more of what makes you happy


create a home where everyone feels more relaxed and easy


have friends over whenever you want—the house looks fine!


give your attention more fully to those your care about, in an environment that is clear of visual distractions


get out of the house when you intend, with everything you need



get set up to enjoy healthy eating and exercise


free yourself from energy-draining distractions and unnecessary difficulties


give your children and others an example of empowerment – if you can do it, they can too


enjoy appreciating your home, your possessions, your relationships, your life, your self

I couldn’t believe it was MY kitchen

“My kitchen was too chaotic for my boyfriend and I to cook together, so we’ve always gone out for meals, which costs more and isn’t as relaxed. Working with CJ, I got rid of tons of things I really didn’t need, and I learned how to organize by category and by how I use things. The morning after we finished, I came down and I couldn’t believe it was MY kitchen.”

L.K., Oakville

I feel much better about our kitchen

“We recently took possession of our house and our new home doesn’t have the same generous storage that we enjoyed before.

I reached out to CJ and she came over bringing her Big Heart and wearing her Efficiency Hat (figuratively).

She came prepared with some storage options to try out. I’m a visual person and seeing how extra storage can be created instantly was marvel.

I love the way CJ listens to what I use daily and what I use only occasionally so that she can put everything in the proper space… she calls the most reachable spots ‘prime real estate’!

She also managed to reason out a couple of things that I further de-cluttered!

When we finished I felt much better about our kitchen and that this is finally one room that is ‘settled’ – PHEW! Angela”


CJ ‘Made it Low Stress and Enjoyable to Get Back on Track’

Many parts of my house got ignored when I went through a divorce right after the death of my mother, who had lived with us.

This spring I was ready to start taking control of that area of my life again, so I called CJ.

We tackled one problem area at a time and she made it low stress and enjoyable to get back on track.  She’s very professional, and she is also fun and easy to be with.  

Ultimately in a few years I will be selling, and with CJ’s help I’ll be ready to go from a big family home to a condo for just myself.  I would recommend having an organizer like CJ to anyone going through major life changes.”

A.R., Burlington


She has helped to INSPIRE me

“I have enjoyed working with the lovely lady CJ to help sort out my many years of clutter. She has helped to INSPIRE me to make changes that are helpful for me to ENJOY my surroundings more. For personal reasons I have had to take a break but look forward to having her pick up where we left off to do a more complete job when my issues are over. Many thanks again CJ Martin.”

B.G., Oakville